20 Strange Things You Could Be Allergic to Without Knowing

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Allergies affect many Americans, and among the most common allergens that you’re probably familiar with are pollen, pets, dust, and mold. In fact, more than 17 million adults and 7 million children in the United States are allergic to something.

Allergies usually occur when your immune system is reacting to an unknown substance (allergen) causing symptoms such as rashes, watery eyes, sneezing, or even anaphylaxis in most severe cases.

While some allergies can be seasonal, just like the pollen allergy that can be very tough during spring and summer, it can also be perennial and persistent throughout the whole year when we refer to peanuts or cat allergies.

Sadly, the best way to make sure you’re keeping allergies away is by trying to eliminate the allergen that triggers your symptoms. Therefore, if you’re allergic to cats, you might reconsider adopting one, even though you might love them very much. And the same goes for peanuts or other foods you might be allergic to.

Also, symptoms can be treated by taking over-the-counter medication or other medication your doctor prescribes to you. But even though you’d expect to be allergic to the most common allergens, there are certain things you could never imagine you can be allergic to, including water, exercise, and others.

You could be allergic to a lot of everyday things without knowing, even the weirdest things, such as semen. Read on to discover the 20 bizarre things you could be allergic to!

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