20 Touching Photos About The Origins Tradition and Struggle of The Human Race

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3 weeks-old newborn with albinism happily sleeping with his cousin in Kinshasa, Congo
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  1. These freaks have nothing on the ones that walk in the Deptford N.J. Walmart store.You would swear Lakeland Mental Hospital opened every Friday to let them out to shop at This Walmart.What thd hell is the world coming to.

    • This is why I barely go shopping at this store. If management does not have enough Pride to do the right thing…they get the worst in society. Most of the time

  2. I am always amazed that they apparently have no money for clothes but they have an IPhone 6 in their pockets!!

    • It’s called freedom, but not from judgements or responsibility for doing unconsciously stupid stuff. Wonder what they’ll think of themselves in 10-20-30 years?!

  3. These people have lost a lot more than their common sense. They’ve lost their clothes and apparently their minds. Either that or this is a Walmart in Hell and they HAVE to wear as little as possible. I think after a certain line has been crossed Walmart should refuse service and escort them out. But I’m sure that is not politically correct in some way.

    • Yes, they have lost everything (minds, dignity, sense, quality, value) and now they need shock treatment to bring them back. How sad.

    • OMG!! BECKY what the hell, NOBODY DESERVES TO GET RAPED!! THERE IS NO EXCUSE I CAN NOT BELIEVE U JUST POSTED THAT!! R U A RACIST TOO??? OR JUST PLAIN BRAIN DEAD? People liked u need to be in a mental hospital or better yet, in a room filled with rape victims, or just go to any emergency room to see a rape victim and tell her and her family how u think!! UNREAL, I do not get upset often but that comment REALLY PISSED ME OFF. WOW how stupid can u be to say something like that

      • Chevy you are a little out of date with the medical journals. They did a survey of 8000 convicted rapists. And 96.3% of them said that lack of clothing on individuals was a powerful trigger in them acting out their offenses. Just sayin…….but also chevy why do you keep asking if becky c is a racist I didn’t read any racist comments by becky. Chevy are you a racist or just a science denier😆

      • Chevy if they are going to taunt uncontrollably seditious men who have no desire to curve their sexual desires there will be rape, and you can’t say the woman wasn’t partly to blame when they undress themselves in public like that. Becky did not say she WANTED for the women to be raped, but simply that the way they are undressing provokes such things in immoral men. And she is right!

        • Kathleen I agree with you because men in the whole are like that, they fantasize and when they have a warped mind they will do anything (rape). Most times women trigger that behaviour in (crazy) men. Even dressing a child as a grown up or can trigger that sadistic behaviour in men.
          Chevy was probably rape, of course she is a racist and also stupid.

      • I’m not racist, I’m an equal opportunity hater. All creeds can be stupid. Have you heard, he who smelt it dealt it? I believe you are a racist. Your anger and hate will leed you down the path of the dark side.

    • Yeah, but did you look closely at #8? It looks like he has blood all over the front of his clown costume! Now that’s scary!!

      • May not be blood….he was a clown. Clowns often attend events where they get pies or other messy items thrown on their faces and costumes in games for kids.

      • He was a clown. Clowns often take part in events where they get pies or other messy items thrown in their face or on their clothes by children playing the games…and winning obviously.

    • Obviously… You should’ve seen the young couple that walked-into my local WM Halloween night. I gues they were either a bachelorette & a male-stripper cop or a cop & a street-walking whore. (<-That's how it's spelled, Miss Albano!)

      Funny thing is: I've never dress in leather or something so skimpy… They're usually pretty-much fully covered-up in stuff that gives little suggestion while being easy to get on-&-off. In-short: Dressed cheaply yet appearing totally ordinary, like the average person on the street.

  4. On the other hand, hooray for the U.S. and freedom. These free spirits aren’t hurting anybody and are giving the rest of us a tickle.

  5. I love it ☺ and first of all those of you commenting saying ” mental wards let out for the night , they need shock treatment, maybe ? these nuts look like they just got out of a mental ward ?” STFU ! Obviously you don’t know jack about mental illness or what exactly ‘Shock Treatment ” does to a person . do you actually think people want t have mental illnesses and be called ” crazy , nuts , psycho , laughed at and made fun of ?” Not ! people who make comments like these don’t know what there talking about if you did you wouldn’t make them ! Sheeple do yourselves a favor and research ” Mental Illness” until then STFU ! Thank you and have a nice day

  6. boy our Walmart is in a redneck State and if these people walked in the store looking like this they would be thrown out on their weirdo butts.

  7. A pictorial testament to the state of our once great nation. Most of these “things” are collecting Government handouts, your tax dollars at work.

  8. I agree a lot of these people look like they are wearing Halloween costumes, but the guy with the elf cowboy boots in the Christmas isle totally cracked me up. The rest of them are just sad…PUT ON SOME CLOTHES PEOPLE!

  9. #10 is unreal!! I can not believe he actually has his hand down the back of her
    pants! What are these people thinking?

  10. I would be willing to bet that most of these photos came from the granola state, (California), fruits, nuts and flakes.

  11. Some of them look like they might have been in a theatre production. Others, indecent exposure…people used to be arrested for indecent exposure. Now they aren’t anymore- such a downhill change for our society that once had standards of living and presentation in public. Says a lot of the culture change, and to think….many in this country want more “freedom of expression” in such a derogative and negative manner. Disgusting! The rest of us don’t want to see it. It should be kept in their homes and in their bedrooms.