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  1. People are people. Some have no class, but the differences are what make the world go round. However, I wouldn’t appreciate someone showing their naked “tail” in a restaurant.

      • Why do you have to show how ignorant (as in unknowledgeable) you are by bringing politics into an article about pictures of men and women who wear panty floss underwear. And if you want us to believe it doesn’t happen in Texas you’d better open your eyes when moving around your state. This goes on everywhere. It is a demonstration of addiction. Whether it be to food, drugs, alcohol, etc. People will try to dress in what TV shows as being cool. Obesity is a problem because of the food advertising and the Government’s non monitoring of what sugar and other chemicals along with TV ads that promoted addiction to all these products did to people. Just look at Cigarettes.

        • “Obesity is a problem because of the food advertising and the Government’s non monitoring of what sugar and other chemicals…”
          I say obesity may be a medical condition but more likely it is traceable to lack of self control and the addiction of individuals to the pleasure that eating gives them. That pleasure comes with a price called obesity. If the eating control battle is lost it is a long, rough road back. Maybe advertising masks the price of overeating and eating of fat inducing foods, but I think we all know that advertisement is for one purpose, selling. Equal amounts of health advertisement might help some people then again maybe not. The battle doesn’t get easier as we age and our metabolism decreases; the fat monster is just waiting for you. Be smart and don’t let him/her get a foothold.

        • I don’t want the government monitoring anything I eat! It’s none of their business! Besides you’re wrong, it’s the lack of exercise that’s causing obesity! people sit on their rear ends all day instead of getting out and walking to burn off the food they eat! You can eat what ever you want if you’ll exercise!

        • If you want the government to tell us how much sugar, caffeine, etc. we are allowed to have, then move to a communist county, and let me know how you like it.

          Proud to be an American!!

        • B, you started off calling Dave ignorant for bring politics into the conversation then you do it. So does that make you more ignorant, unknowledgeable(r) or just plain liberal. Lighten up !!!

      • Dazzling Wit Dave
        You clearly ain’t been in any Walmart of Mini-Mart near Lake Texhoma, or down in tube floating country, or anywhere along the Gulf — Orange Channel to Brownsville.
        Or down around Houston, San Antone, Fort Worth or even Dalhart. Or in any of the other Southern, Western and MidWestern Red States — or around Branson or Nashville.
        As RED STATE native, having been learned how to read in the 1930s, I do know virtually all of the Red States are in the bottom tier of states for public education, medical care and in the top tier of states receiving considerably more in federal funds than their people pay in as taxes.
        On the other hand, those terrible Blue States you complain about receive far less in federal funds than they pay the taxes they pay.
        What is there to brag about in being from a RED state — More teen pregnancies — Yep those we got.
        More STD or VD as we used to say — Yep we got that.
        A higher percentage of abortion — We’ve always had that — before Roe v Wade, and since.
        More money spent on Fundamentalist Churches than public schools — Which allows us to brag about our higher rate of illiteracy.

        • I’ve had the opportunity to live in various states around many types of people. This rhetoric that one group of people is smarter than the other (red v blue, conservative v liberal, Christians v everyone else) is ridiculous. There are just as many ignorant liberals as there are ignorant conservatives. There are just as many ignorant Texans as there are ignorant Californians. Out illiteracy has nothing to do with ‘fundamentalist churches’ and everything to do with the fact that the government has royally screwed up our education system with common core and standardized testing. As an educator myself, I can see how far we have regressed in our education system in the past decade. And we’ve regressed under the leadership of both parties. And it’s not the politicians fault, it’s not the presidents fault. It’s the American people’s fault. We expect our politics to be a grand show, and so we sacrifice quality for a good show. And voters are so ignorant of the facts that they elect congressional members (congress is where laws are made, the president doesn’t have any legal legislative power, which most people don’t get when they expect presidents to actually be able to do something) that don’t have a clue. I’m getting tired of the blame game being played and nothing getting done. How dare you attack churches, do you know how much good they do for our society? I’m not asking you to convert, but just appreciate the fact that these are good people, not worthy of the demonizing that usually comes their way. You are part of the problem, become a part of the solution. United we stand, divided we fall.

          • You had a great opinion until the end. Churches??? It has been going on in he Catholic Church for centuries. They have created more of their own kind but without restriction. You know as in Serial Child Molesters. The orphaned English Children were taken to Australia. Made to build the Catholic Church and the Sleeping quarters for all. After all that the priests came into the dormitories and took their pick back to their bedrooms. My opinion is to weigh the good with the bad. Yes they helped many people. But why do they maintain such riches? Isn’t that what Jesus took a nutty about in the market place? Why are religious groups unaccountable for their monies? They build the fanciest and most luxurious properties. The monies are collected to help those who can’t help themselves. There are solutions which this Pope has touched on but will not go forward with. If it were more open as in marriage for priests, whether it be gay or straight it could help prevent some of the sick attacks on our children. Many pedophiles were molested as children. Many alcoholics and drug addicts were molested as children. It’s all part of the abuse and now the diagnosis of PTSD of said children. Now I feel as though I’ve been taken for a ride here. Things have been stretched further than they should have and I apologize and leave with this. “Most Ignorance Is Vincible Ignorance” if my mind serves me right that is the quote and it means We don’t believe because we don’t want to believe. And that says a lot about faith, politics, etc.

    • Just unadulterated exhibitionism…..Can’t help thinking these may be staged, and chosen for specifics…and given compensation…..after all they are paying for a circus…..just saying….

    • Sure they check the mirror before leaving to become a sight at the local circus but of course it is an old fun house mirror.

    • Now you’ve come across precisely what the problem is. I’m sure they HAVE looked in a mirror and liked and are proud of what they saw. Kind of tells you what they think of themselves!

  2. I didn’t think #23 was so bad. Looked good from behind. Good tall, lean body–bikini bottom didn’t show the inside of her bu!#hole and she covered the top w/ a halter top. But really folks when you go to Walmarts (you need to add an ‘s’ at the end of Walmart since a lot of country and inner-city people shop there), you need to cover up your body parts–bare and hairy. No need to wear towel shirts; oversized sweat pants; fuzzy tails sticking out of your butt, long pink wigs worn by elderly men; dresses uncovered in the back w/ tattoos and back boobs showing; and last but not least, 400 pound women with all kinds of flab showing and rolling fighting men near the Dairy and Grocery Depts. Talk about gross and disgusting! I’d be willing to bet some of these clowns wanted to be spotted to be on the list. Some of the ones I mentioned, I saw on another Walmart circus site. Hilarious stuff by these Bozos.


  3. What ever happen to he dress codes, No Shirt No Shoes No Service?
    Bizarre outfits and colorful hair is OK!
    When I comes to showing Skin that should NOT be SEEN in public is another thing that should NOT be allowed in any store, restaurant, of any kind!
    Walmart needs to put a STOP to this indecent exposure in the stores.
    Disgusting is the word here!

  4. There was a day, not so long ago when people dressed before going out in public. People actually cared what others thought about them. The half naked freaks in the food isle is a turn off for any health conscience person. There are places for these people where this kind of display is normal, they are called circuses and carnival side shows.

  5. I’d like to know if these pics were taken in just 1 walmart or multiple ones, and where exactly are they located. I don’t think all were bad, but a few definitely grossed me out, such as #15. I do believe if I saw someone like that while I was shopping, I would please ask him to pull up his pants as his hairy ass was grossing me out! Some people just don’t have the brains that God gave a goose. Really sad in a way. I doubt they look in the mirror before they leave their homes. If they think they look good, they must have a magical mirror.

  6. Myself, I am proud to live in a country where we live free to express ourselves. I refuse to live up to what others think I should be. Unless you had to walk my shoes, you have no idea who I am. If you don’t like the way a person appears the in your eyes,Turn away. Don’t judge because you don’t know who they are or what life has handed to them. I am sure they cry, feel, bleed, love, and breathe the same as you. Stop being such a PEEPER!

  7. I am speechless. I know people have mirrors in their houses. These same people have friends or relatives that see them. I now believe that there has to be a scientific name or reason for this. Poor Walmart. What can they do. Dr.Phil or Drew if you see this…please explain!

  8. Some people need a lot of attention and apparently they are getting absolutely none at home so the only thing left for them to do is go to Walmart . you know I really think they are all from Europe, Europeans love to show every damn thing they got even if they don’t have it.

  9. My brain is injured now after watching this, as usual, but
    As long as your junk is 10% covered !

  10. Well if the people who have been hunting for Sasquatch (Thank God for spell check) want a word of advice…Here goes…Hey you! Put it all away. This lady caught him, Ate the meat and used his fur for a massive wig.

  11. People,People,People, there are a lot of other things to bitch about, like property taxes, poverty, our country going to pot. .Not how a person dresses. If you don’t like what a person is wearing don’t look at them.

  12. For one thing this is a guy in the black dental floss panties. And I am not sticking up for Walmart but How many of you have ever seen a Lottery Machine in a Walmart Store. They are Mormons and do not believe in it. Do you honestly believe this is not staged by someone like those dummies who were walking down the isles, grabbing a gallon of milk and then taking a nose dive to the floor.

    • Sam Moore Walton would get a serious belly laugh learning he was a Mormon. That old Kingfisher County farm boy was a good businessman, a good man and a fine fellow to work for and with.

  13. When the guy she almost crashed into and pushed off the road said “Hey Lady…What do you have your finger stuck up your ass.” There’s your answer. YUUUPPP!!!

  14. And this people also vote, I bet most of them are on welfare, very sad where this country heading, no morality,this people have NO self respect there fore no respect for other

  15. All American folks they are and they would say: “I am what I am and don’t care what you think”. More power to them.

  16. On any given day somewhere in the world(not just Walmart) odd people who crave attention get dressed up in odd outfits and go out among’ strangers,just look at the city of LA or “Las Vegas ,it happens in grocery stores ,Mall’s and lots of other stores . the world is full of freaks ,get over it ……..lol!

    • “FREAKS” Rest my case. Adolph Hitler once marked who he thought were FREAKS once he got the power to do so.

    • Hey…I won’t lighten up. It all boils down to a bunch of rich people who get richer on the backs of poorer people and we’re making asses of ourselves by being funny about it. Who put all the crazy additives in foods to create all the fat cells in most of the people who react to it? Who makes diet food that brings in billions of $$ and then you just gain it all back? If they can slow down aids, cure hep C, stop all of those other murdering viruses, kill off some of the destructive cancers, etc why don’t they work on a real, honest, none surgical method of weight loss so people would not be flooding hospitals or buying dumb ass cloths to make fools of themselves and we wouldn’t be here making fools of ourselves? Would we be here making fun of mentally challenged kids or adults? Nuff said.

  17. I bet not one of these people have a mirror in there house, and if they do, there eyes are up there ass’s. That one person who said that they don’t dress like this in Texas, has his head up his ass. It just goes to show you what people think about this country. They don’t care about themselfs just like there care about the USA. Please, if I ever walk around like these people do in public, please shoot me, I am not worth a shit then.

  18. I cannot believe such people are aware of what they look like in public and apparently do not care! I have seen so many here in Florida that I cannot truly understand! Just because you are in a sunny climate does not give you the excuse to “let it all hang out”, as we say! Even when I am out casually, I make sure that my clothing is always presentable; there has to be “something wrong upstairs”, if you get my meaning! I do agree with many other comments that this does not exist just in one place but all over the country;I ‘m just happy I am not a member of the “Club”!

  19. I think #23 looks just fine! The purse matches the bikini bottom a bit, and she is a hottie from the rear. As far as most of the others, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

  20. So I just some real reading. The average American makes $10.55 an hour or $22,000 a year. But they are only working about 35 hours a year (getting around ObamaCare rules you see) so really they are pushing barely $19,000 a year.
    Don’t you think this explains shopping in a store that is full of processed food at low prices? If you had 2 or more children to feed, would you, 1) buy the clothes you know you need to fit after eating all that Wallmart food or, 2) keep your children full and happy?
    I’m glad you all have the fortune of being healthy and affording proper clothing & nutritious meals. So do I. But don’t forget an average means around half the people live below that line to make it an average. And since the obscene incomes keep increasing, it is likely the sad incomes are increasing also.
    BTW, #23 is quite attractive so I think she just came from the beach.

    • Thank you, Stanley, #23 is hot as F#@(!! I’d love to bang the freakin’ bleep out of her!!!


  21. Lighten up my fellow Americans! Whether staged, or not, the photos were put up to give us a chuckle. View them and laugh at the human condition, or leave the site. Either way, you will not change what has already happened in the world.

  22. Tofu, never shop Walmart ever! Never will . Abuse employees, ruin local businesses and tax base.
    I do recall being at the Grand Opening of a Walmart in Huntigdon,Tn. in the mid 70’s to see Hank Williams memorabilia display. Sam was there and all you heard was made in America. Not so anymore.

    • There aren’t too many Made in the USA goods out there bought and sold by any stores. Closest you’ll get is Canada & Mexico.

  23. It is a shame that this keeps getting posted because it is not going to change anything what so ever! People think they look good they way they dress although no one agrees with them it is still their choice and yes some are just disgusting but they are not going to stop because they are doing it for the hell of it or there might be something wrong with them or they are trying to be sexy for themselves and although we don’t think it is any of these again there is not shit we can do about it! The arguing on her is even worse then the pic and some what childish. All I know is it is really disgusting to me and why they do it well I guess we will never know so in my opinion stop posting it and just maybe it will not be such an issue because unless Walmart does so ting about it then all this is for nothing and you know they have not and will not be doing anything about the way people dress because all they care about is the money they are spending!

  24. Just think if it was not for the fucked up people out there in the world you say are so ignorant you morons wouldn’t have anything to talk about

  25. It appears there are a lot of comments tossed out calling on political affiliations, rich, poor, government and food additives used to sling hurtful remarks. If you are a Christian it is up to you to help people, not talk about them in order to make yourself feel superior. . . . the splinter in my eye, remove the log from your own eye and yes paraphrased not quoted. Living the Bible is a lot harder than calling out shortcomings of others and living as if you are beyond reproach.

  26. Butt-floss or not this individual has some deep rooted issues that go way beyond what *you* can imagine. For instance, where (exactly) did he grow up and what person or who (you noticed I didn’t say what kind) was his mentor?
    For example, if you were brought up by Bonnie and Clyde or Billy the Kid what would a cross section of your morals and mentoring would you *be likely* to follow?

    ~Dr Phil

    I can’t wait to hear the replies.