Walmart Circus 3 – What Would Sam Walton Say?


15 thoughts on “Walmart Circus 3 – What Would Sam Walton Say?”

  1. Loretta De Rosso

    Walmart was the best customer of a company in New Jersey where I worked for for sixteen years. Our salesmen loved going to sales meetings in Bentonville, Arkansas because of the welcome reception they always got from the Walmart staff. Sam Walton was a gem, everyone loved him and I think he would be very unhappy to see the coarse, crude way some customers look when they go shopping.

  2. Sam would say ..Be afraid…Be very afraid and don’t go out unarmed…at least zombies have a reason to look like they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Respect is important in a civilized society. The profanity shirt is not respectful. I believe you have the choice to do and say anything you want just be prepared for the consequences.

  4. While these are not pleasing to the eye, there have been worse ones on previous sites. The very last one leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination! It seems that these people have no sense of self worth or they wouldn’t go out looking like this!

  5. Some folks crying for attention, I feel sad and can only wonder what their childhood was like.
    God still loves them.

  6. Shaq Jack Do The Wicky Wack

    These people are just acting like clowns on purpose just to get on the people of Walmart list………….or is that Walmarts to you backwoods and inner-city people.


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