Shocking Ingredient In McDonald’s Chicken Wrap

What surprises can a Happy Meal bring you besides a teenie weenie toy? Think hard and you will still be wide eyed at what this 10-year old found in her chicken wrap at a drive-thru McDonald’s – a dead frog. Cordellia Buckley got herself a Big Flavour sweet chilli chicken wrap, while on her way home with dad in North Wales.

As she bit into the junk wrap she felt ‘something funny in her mouth.’ She spat and voila, out came a dead frog wrapped neatly with chicken chunks all around it.


Daddy called up the McDonald’s customer care and instead of an apology got an offer for full refund and a request to send them the dead frog back. “Cordie was just disgusted that she had a frog in her mouth and she still isn’t eating properly,” complains daddy Dave.




  • jamison Dec 29, 2015 at 8:21 am

    Dear Cordie,for once let dad help you with your math homework.Have him multiply,let’s see,$1,000/a day, times the average life span of the species of frog you chewed-up.Then submit this to both an attorney,i’m not one,and M.Hopefully it will make that awful experience go away just a little bit faster!!! I don’t blame M for what happened completely but, I do blame them for the cold reponse,without some “LAB” testing . Good Luck Sweetheart,Take care.