5 Mindblowing Facts About The Nile

  1. It has been suggested that the River Nile was created in its modern incarnation approximately 25,000 years ago when Lake Victoria developed a northern outlet.
  1. In Ancient Egyptian times the River Nile was known as ‘Ar’, ‘Aur’, which as ‘black’, referring to the dark, fertile sediment that was left behind after it flooded.

3. While the construction of the Aswan Dam has prevented the Nile from flooding yearly in Egypt, it has also reduced its fresh water flow, in turn increasing pollution content.

  1. The primary source of the Nile is Lake Victoria, which covers an area of more than 69,400 square kilometres (26,795 square miles). Despite its size, it is very shallow and warm.
  1. According to Greek geographer Strabo, the Nile Delta used to comprise seven delta distributaries. Today there are only two: the Rosetta and Damietta.

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