31 Fake Gift Boxes Beyond Your Imagination!

Much like a magician uses misdirection to pull off a perfect illusion, the minds over at Prank Packs are coming up with clever ways to disguise your real gifts that will make the recipients’ heads spin. The concept is simple, the gifter places their actual gift in a box that mimics an absolutely terrible, yet plausible, product you’d likely find promoted on a TV infomercial.

And when the unsuspecting gift getter unwraps their present to see the bizarrely themed package, you’ll get to laugh out loud at their puzzled faces as they try to comprehend why such a product exists, and even more why you’d think to buy it for them.
Below are some of the amusing fake prank packs that you can actually purchase to throw your friends off your scent in the name of some good old-fashioned shenanigans.