8 Most Jaw Dropping Scientific Discoveries of 2017

You’ve probably read about how French scientists developed a new contraceptive for males called Vasalgel. The drug was 100% effective at blocking sperm in the monkeys it was tested on. Therefore, researchers are expecting to start human trials in 2018 or 2019.

We’re one step closer to living in the “I, Robot” universe. Boston Dynamics’ cyborg ‘ATLAS’ was able to do a backflip. Additionally, robots began teaching other robots new skills, which was voted most likely to trigger the robopocalypse.

SpaceX created a recyclable rocket booster that won’t crash after use. Elon Musk reported that they have effectively pulled off at least 20 launches and landings of a booster in 2017. Typically, the booster is the most expensive part of a rocket launch, meaning this will save $18 million per launch.