20 Hilarious Times People Captured Funny Moments

Some days, you can’t help but believe in the idea that irony is a living, breathing, cosmic force with a very unusual sense of humor and a personal interest in your life. And if you’re one of the rare people who don’t believe in things like irony or fate, don’t worry, we’re pretty sure that they believe in you.

We collected some of the finest, most iconic (some might even go as far as to say ‘epic’) ironic moments in the recent history of the internet. So get ready to have a good chuckle as you scroll down. Drop us a comment somewhere below explaining which moments you thought were particularly ironic. And remember to upvote your favorite pics, as well as share the post with your amigos who might be in need of some cheering up. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s informative interview with Albert Katz, Professor Emeritus from Western University, who went into detail about irony, its types, uses, as well as how we process it.

#1 Kids, This Is What We Call Irony



#2 Amazing Irony



#3 Uhmm…



#4 The Irony Of These Days

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32 thoughts on “20 Hilarious Times People Captured Funny Moments”

  1. William Smith

    You have a biased sense of humor. Photos are not that funny. You probably turned 63 million people against your article by showing your obvious bia,s with the first photo!

    1. Couldn’t agree more!!!!! It’s awesome to hear some comments from my fellow “deplorables”! It’s time we stand up against this crap guys!!!

      1. Oh, no, not deplorable. I like the word “DESPICABLE”.

        It fits so much better.

        And no, I do not want you polluting any other political party. Stay with your Trumpublican brand the rest of your life. Please.

    2. The question of sense of humor is settled. You don”t have any. That said I have a question for you. If Donald Trump was not the President and did not live in the White House would you count him as among your friends? If your answer is “Yes” I suggest you have a serious problem.

      1. ask that same question about :
        BIDEN–a corrupt pedophilic plagiarizing pos -has not had a single worthwhile idea of his own in 47 years in politics-lied about his schoolastic
        achievements-flies off the handle often-and is part of the worst criminal endeavor in american history–the democrat party-and those are just his good traits-not room enough here to fully describe him–

    3. Sandi Corbin

      Actually, I think the first photo was pretty hilarious! The irony was spot-on! Seems to me that YOU are the biased one. And I don’t believe for one moment that you speak for “63 million people”! But the fact that you seem to believe you do, is also pretty hilarious!

      1. Agree, idiots like to congregate, and one of the favorite places to congregate has been at the Idiot-in-Chief’s MAGA rallies. Hopefully, brains will outnumber them by a huge amount this November.

        1. William A Clemens

          Its amazing how right wing consevative Christians who allegedly follow the 10 Commandments, follow an adulterer, does not attend Church and has no moral compass.

    4. actually the entire joke is skewed that joke line was originally made up years ago and the punchline was attached to
      CONGRESS–and i believe it was written by either will rogers or samuel clemens

    5. that joke line was originally meant to refer to –Congress–and was written by either will rogers or samuel clemens ( mark twain)-
      but like biden my memory fails me–lol-

  2. Just going by the name. “No Chew Deterrent” Change it to “Chew Deterrent” and it will work.

  3. Sorry Chump, but we only forwarded the question you Democrats asked US, we didnt ask it ourselves. Next time dont edit the postings.

  4. The Democrats simply dont understand that the warning about stupid people is referencing them, and always has… Amoral people are ignorant by the nature of their birth

  5. It was ONE person—In late January 2018, reports surfaced that supporters of Donald Trump confronted a Native American legislator during an anti-immigration protest at the Arizona state capitol, demanding to know whether he was in the country legally. The viral stories on various web sites (including The Hill and the liberal RawStory.com) were all aggregated from the original reporting of the Arizona Capitol Times, a nonpartisan weekly newspaper focused on Arizona government and state politics.

    We confirmed that one of the anti-immigration protesters did indeed ask an indigenous state representative whether or not he was “legal,” both through video footage of the incident and three corroborating interviews with Arizona state legislators who witnessed the scene. In the background of the following video, a protester asks Rep. Eric Descheenie whether he is “legal.” Descheenie is Navajo. Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley filmed — This was fou nd on snopes

      1. Sameera Thurmond

        …And the reason why you don’t post your photo is because you wouldn’t DARE make a comment like that publicly!!! I have NO doubt that you are a white male and those like you are reason why we keep having protests! You live in a world based on the past. You and others like simply don’t want to change. Life is about change. None of us can stop change even if we wanted to. C’mon evolve a little.

        1. true-it is time to evolve-disband the democrat party –criminalcrats–they burn loot and murder-
          and use antifa as their military wing-

  6. William Cunningham

    I was living in Korea and Japan before moving to Arizona–and no, I’m not an Asian. One of my Korean friends, Mr. Im, happened to comment one time saying, “You know we think that you all look alike”. When I looked up at him, he had a big grin on his face. We both got a chuckle out of that, me because I know some ignorant Americans believe that of Asians, and him, because he knew we (Americans) sometimes say that. Just lighten up and don’t take yourself and seemingly insensitive Americans too seriously. You’ll live a much happier life. It’s more fun to be politically incorrect occasionally.

  7. william smith— actually the entire joke is skewed that joke line was originally made up years ago and the punchline was attached to
    CONGRESS–and i believe it was written by either will rogers or samuel clemens

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