9 Crazy Facts About The Coronavirus Outbreak

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A Virus-Detecting Giant Robot Was Roaming New York

If you visited New York in early February 2020, you may have seen a figure straight out of Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot. This cybernetic paramedic was created by Prombot, a company based in Pennsylvania.

The 152-centimeter-tall robot could identify the coronavirus by wandering the streets asking people if they had fevers. The robot was banned in Bryant Park for not having a permit.

Oleg Kivorkutsev, the founder of Promobot, explained, “We were trying to tell people about the virus . . . and bring attention to the problem.”


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2 thoughts on “9 Crazy Facts About The Coronavirus Outbreak”

  1. Fact that Dr. Li Wenliang, the Whistleblower was killed by the very virus he wanted to tell the world was coming. He was ostracized, of course!

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