14 Famous People You Had No Idea Were Foster Kids or Foster Parents

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Scott Shriner

Scott Shriner of the Weezer band and his wife Jillian are parents of two adopted children, the younger of whom (Jovi) was linked to the children’s and social services department Five Acres after hearing how the foster care program in their hometown of Los Angeles encountered difficulties.

“The first time we met Jovi, it was a bit overwhelming. I just saw this little guy and he was so grown up and so small at the same time,” Shriner told OutlookNewspapers.com. “We just fell in love with him. I just had that instinct that was my son. I feel like our family was out there and it’s not your typical way of making a family, maybe, but you couldn’t make up a better one—we were all so meant to be together. It’s just undeniable.”

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