35 Things to Do When You’re Bored

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25. Create your own podcast

After reading your favorite books and watching your favorite movies and TV shows, it’s time to experience new media by listening to podcasts. Feeling inspired after listening to the latest collection of podcasts? Learn the tools you need to create your own podcast!


26. Write a short story

If you’re bored at home, pick up a pen, grab a lined notebook piece of paper, and write a short story. Let go of your innovative ideas and let your imagination run wild.

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27. Make a photo album

You’ve probably gathered tons of photos of your past travels and family get-togethers, but when was the last time you made a photo album? We ‘re not talking about a Facebook photo album, either. The next time you get bored, take the time to print your photos and assemble a photo album that might fit nicely on your shelf or work well as a thoughtful gift to a loved one.


28. Plan a future trip

Even though you may be stuck at home for a while, you can take some time to read a few travel blogs, scroll through travel websites, and look through travel books to organize your next vacation.

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29. Clean your makeup brushes

You might take a break from wearing makeup when you work from home, but that doesn’t mean you should forget to take care of your makeup brushes. Take the time to clean your makeup brushes and go through the cosmetic products that may or may not be expired.


30. Clean out your email inbox

Are you a zero person inbox, or do you have thousands of emails? If you’re in the latter category, you can take some time when you’re bored to organize through those emails and eventually delete the newsletters you ‘re never going to read.

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31. Go through your voicemail

When was the last time you checked your phone’s voicemail box? It’s likely been a while, so when you’re bored, take some time to listen to the people who called you and then clean your inbox.


32. Make a bucket list

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris or riding a red double-decker bus in London? If you’re bored, you can make your own curated bucket list so that you can do it when you’re next able to travel.

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