8 Famous Figures Whose Identities Remain a Mystery

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An unknown British graffiti artist identified as “Banksy” has remained a mystery since he joined the art scene in 1993. His art— often seen on public bridges, tunnels, and walls— has dark humor and remarks on social and political issues. His imagination extends to the screen, as well as his documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop. But even with all the attention for his work, Banksy’s real identity remains a mystery. Although he rarely does interviews, they’ve either been by email or sent through an altered voice tape recording.


Comte de Saint-Germain

The Comte de Saint-Germain is an 18th-century explorer whose real identity is uncertain, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. His achievements— including his musical talents, his chemistry knowledge, and his ability to understand almost all European languages— inspired his second nickname, “The Wonderman.”

It’s a mystery, though, that his true name, parentage, or birth are, at best, speculative. His travels took him from France to England to Russia, and he actually died in 1784, although others suggest he was seen in Paris in 1789.

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