15 Things You Should Know About Moving to a Small Town

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Public transportation is scarce

Your odds of finding a bus with several departure times, a nearby train station or an airport may be slim to none. Better forget about Uber and Lyft! If you’re fortunate, the town could have a regular bus that departs once or twice a day to surrounding areas and regularly to far away cities or a train that only comes through once a day in the early hours of the morning. It’s a must if you’re planning to leave town frequently.

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1 thought on “15 Things You Should Know About Moving to a Small Town”

  1. i’ve lived in the rio grande valley, texas. its hot as blazes, but its very cheap to live here. san benito is 35,000 people and that’s big enough for me. of course there very little opportunity here, but i’m retired and can’t afford to live anywhere else. so i guess this is where i’m going to die. every place has its pluses and minuses……….there is no utopia……….bummer!

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