15 Things You Should Know About Moving to a Small Town

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Diversity comes in different forms

Small towns are not necessarily multi cultural, but what can shock you is the variety of different forms, from animal and plant life to the social representation of the local people. Alan Muskat, director of the show No Taste Like Home, made the move from Miami, Florida (population 453,579) to Marshall, North Carolina (population 889) totally unaware that his new hometown will be a hotspot for biodiversity. Often what makes a city special is what makes it feel like home.

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1 thought on “15 Things You Should Know About Moving to a Small Town”

  1. i’ve lived in the rio grande valley, texas. its hot as blazes, but its very cheap to live here. san benito is 35,000 people and that’s big enough for me. of course there very little opportunity here, but i’m retired and can’t afford to live anywhere else. so i guess this is where i’m going to die. every place has its pluses and minuses……….there is no utopia……….bummer!

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