15 Things You Should Know About Moving to a Small Town

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Business and personal mix…often

Clichés describes small towns as gossipy with tight-knit, locals-only social groups. What people really don’t tell you about these rural towns is that it’s hard to keep business and personal life apart. Janice Holly Booth, author of Only Pack What You Can Carry, said she never felt she ‘d be friends with her doctor or dentist while she was living in Buffalo, New York.

After moving to Gastonia, North Carolina, her life changed. “In small-town Gastonia, everyone knows my business, and it’s pretty much the norm to walk into a restaurant and know most of the people in it.”

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1 thought on “15 Things You Should Know About Moving to a Small Town”

  1. i’ve lived in the rio grande valley, texas. its hot as blazes, but its very cheap to live here. san benito is 35,000 people and that’s big enough for me. of course there very little opportunity here, but i’m retired and can’t afford to live anywhere else. so i guess this is where i’m going to die. every place has its pluses and minuses……….there is no utopia……….bummer!

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