10 Celebrities Who Spoke Freely About Taking Antidepressants

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8. Lena Dunham

The actress, writer, and director wants to lift the stigma surrounding mental health medication and she’s been very vocal about normalizing such medication, considering that she’s taken them since she was a teenager.

Lena has obsessive-compulsive disorder and she’s been very open about her condition, not only in real life, because her character, Hannah Horvath, on the TV show, “Girls” has the same mental illness.

“It’s important that we see normalizing portrayals of people, women, choosing to take action when it comes to their mental health. Meds didn’t make me a hollowed out version of my former self or a messy bar patron with a bad bleach job.”

She wrote on Instagram that taking antidepressants helped her to really meet herself. “They allowed to really meet myself. I wish that for every lady who has ever struggled. There’s really no shame”.

“Lately I’ve been noticing that nearly every pop cultural image we see of a woman on psychiatric medication is that of an out-of-control, exhausting and exhausted girl who needs help,” Dunham wrote in the post. “But guess what? Most women on meds are women who have been brave enough to help themselves.”

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