17 Coronavirus Myths No One Should Believe

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Myth: 5G mobile networks spread COVID-19

This couldn’t be more false, the WHO states. It’s impossible to transmit a virus through waves and mobile networks. However, you can catch COVID-19 from a dirty phone.


Myth: There is a medicine that can treat coronavirus

As Dr. Adirim says, this will be true one day soon, but at the moment, this is false. There were some rumors circulating all over social media saying that antimalarial drugs, convalescent plasma therapy, and an antiviral drug called remdesivir could potentially help treat coronavirus.

However: “There is no evidence yet that these drugs prevent, decrease severity, or dampen the body’s ability to transmit coronavirus,” says Dr. Adirim. “There are a lot of therapies that are under study and in the next several weeks, we will see some of the results coming in.”

Coronavirus, just like other viruses, can’t be treated with antibiotics.

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