11 Daily Morning Habits That Will Help You Become More Organized

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Wake up earlier than the rest of the house

Jodie Watson, founder, and president of Supreme Organization recommends waking up 15 minutes before the rest of the family in order to have enough time to do your thing.
Especially if you have kids, those 15 minutes to yourself are very important in the morning, before having to help them get ready and do a million other things before leaving for work.


Don’t check your phone immediately after waking up

“I recommend not keeping your cell phone in your bedroom when you go to sleep,” says Fay Wolf, author of New Order: A Decluttering Handbook For Creative Folks (And Everyone Else).

It easy to lose track of time when checking emails, headlines, or simply scrolling through social media platforms, that’s why Wolf wouldn’t recommend grabbing your smartphone as soon as you wake up.

She suggests enjoying a few peaceful minutes in bed after waking up and taking a few deep breaths for one or two minutes. “Every time I follow that principle I’m happier, and it’s an amazing alternative to picking up the phone.”

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