How to Stay Safe From COVID-19, According to Dr. Fauci

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7. Don’t share food

Sharing food is a big no-no in a coronavirus context. Fauci said in his interview with The Washington Post that when he occasionally has friends over, everyone uses their own dishes, and food is also separated.

“We don’t share anything. There are no common bowls,” Fauci said. “Each person has his or her own receptacle. Some people even bring their own glasses. We always do takeout and I tell the takeout people that I want the food in four separate plastic containers, so no one has to touch anyone else’s food. Everyone’s food is self-contained.”

He also added that his guests are always wearing masks when going to his house (except if they’re eating) and he never has more that two people over at a time.


8. You already know this, but wash your damn hands

In the Instagram Live interview with Matthew McConaughey, Fauci explained that spreading coronavirus through inanimate objects “can occur, but it is [a] very minor component of transmission.”

Washing hands is one of the most important measures in keeping coronavirus at bay, combined with social distancing measures and wearing a mask, according to the CDC.

In the same interview, when asked how he handles grocery shopping, Fauci said: “I will take the materials out of the bags [once I’m home], then wash my hands with soap and water, and then use Purell, and let everything sit for a day.”

Additionally, he always washes his hands for 20 seconds after picking up the mail.

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