10 Things You Shouldn’t Order From Hotel Room Service

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Most people have mixed feelings about burgers. While classic food is ok to order and many people didn’t have problems while eating a burger in their hotel room, others say that by the time you’ll get to eat your burger, it will be overcooked, with wilted lettuce and soggy fries.

Knudsen recommends ordering chicken or turkey club, and instead of fries, he always chooses a side salad or a fruit salad.



Even though pizza might appear like a good choice at first unless the hotel you’re staying in has an Italian restaurant, you might wanna skip it. Hotel pizza is often frozen pizza, with a few toppings or garnishes to make it look fresher.

Otherwise, “there is a good chance that it will be previously frozen or a bit tired from sitting under a heat lamp,” Gian Nicola Colucci, executive chef at the Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis, told Southern Living.

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