10 Things You Shouldn’t Order From Hotel Room Service

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Pasta might not be the best option when ordering room service. “By the time it gets from the kitchen to the room it’s either sticky or cold or the sauce has totally fallen apart. Good pasta is meant to be enjoyed immediately and if you order from room service you’re going to be paying a lot for a really subpar product,” Bradford Phillips, executive chef at Troquet River North in the Hotel Felix in Chicago, told BravoTV.



Now that we’ve told you everything you need to know about food, let’s talk about dessert. Room service pastries and dessert, in general, can be very disappointing, unless the hotel you’re staying in has a bakery or a pastry chef.

You probably will receive a dry, stale, and overly sweet dessert. Still dreaming of a delicious soufflé? “If you’re hoping for a beautifully risen, perfectly formed lemon soufflé, you’ll be left with a cold, sunken mush, as the room service staff simply couldn’t carry it from the kitchen to your room fast enough,” according to The Daily Meal.

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