14 Things Everyone Pays Way Too Much For

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Food delivery

While for some the convenience of food delivery may outweigh the saving benefits of a homemade meal, delivery fees and tips hike the price up significantly, especially if only purchasing for yourself. “If you must order in, pick restaurants close to home and either walk or drive the short distance instead,” says McDermott.

Greeting cards

A greeting card at a store costs around $5. It’s definitely not much, but if you want to send a card to multiple friends, it can add up really quickly. However, you can avoid that by following some cost-effective methods.

“The easiest and most heartfelt way is to make the card yourself. Not only will it save you money, but it will also show that you put more effort into creating the card for the individual,” says Jacob Dayan, CEO, and co-founder of CommunityTax.com.

Dayan recommends choosing e-cards, as they’re free and easier to send.

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