40 Habits Doctors Don’t Recommend Doing After 40

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25. You’re not using sunblock

Wearing sunscreen is especially important after turning 40. Also, you should wear it at all times, not just in the summertime. Gilmer urger people to always wear SPF30 or SPF50, because everything lower than that doesn’t protect the skin as well as it should, and it can give you sunspots. Also, if you’re not wearing sunblock, your skin will age faster and you’ll have wrinkles, increasing the risk for skin cancer.


26. You’re drinking way too much

While drinking is a fun thing to do when you’re young and want to enjoy yourself, as you get older heavy alcohol consumption is not ok anymore. According to Del Balzo, alcohol consumption makes your skin looking older than it is, with dilated pores, breakouts, and oily complexion. Also, alcohol makes your skin dehydrated and dry.

Additionally, I think most people already know that alcohol is not only damaging for the skin but also affects your overall health and the quality of sleep, added Akhir. No one said you can’t have a drink every now and then, just don’t go overboard if you want to be healthy and look good.


27. You’re so used to having a glass of wine every night before bed

Even though most people believe that one glass of wine per day is actually healthy and recommended, as it turns out, it might not be as good as it seems. Most people see drinking as a relaxing thing to do, but the reality is there are other things that could make you more relaxed, without affecting your health.

While it’s true that a glass of wine won’t kill you, it’s better not to make a routine out of it.


28. You’re always eating out

Ordering food or eating out can be a good solution for those busy days where you don’t feel like cooking or you just don’t have the time. However, you should remember that restaurant food is not always the healthiest, and it’s often loaded with salt and fat.

So try to limit eating out as much as possible, it will be good for your health and your bank account.


29. You always snack, even late at night

Snacking late at night is affecting both your weight and your skin. According to Del Balzo, eating late at night causes your body to not have enough time to metabolize the food, affecting an enzyme that contributes to skin repair.

It is recommended to stay away from food and snacks three hours before bed if you want your skin to look nice and healthy in your 40s.


30. You’re always trying different diets

According to Akhir, yo-yo dieting can be bad for your metabolism, causing hair loss, digestive problems, tiredness, and memory loss. He advises his patients to stick to a balanced routine that doesn’t feel like a diet, this way they’ll lose weight without harming their bodies.

Also, you should set goals that are achievable. Don’t try to lose too many pounds in a short period of time because it isn’t healthy at all.

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