You’re Most Likely to Contract COVID From These 4 Places, According to Specialists


Dinner parties

Since you can’t go to enjoy a delicious meal at a restaurant because of the limited number of people that are allowed inside, you might think that hosting dinner parties at your household is a better and safer option.

However, experts have noticed that once people started hosting more dinner parties and indoor gatherings, the numbers of COVID-19 cases has increased drastically. While dining at other people’s home, you’re obviously required to take your mask off, so the virus could easily spread from one person to another, especially if you’re gathering in a small place where you can’t practice social distancing.

According to Shah, “We’ve all gotten used to our bubbles, but I don’t think we’ve really asked whether someone who’s in our bubble is also in another person’s bubble.” But it’s important to understand that the people you meet also meet other people in their day-to-day lives, so inviting them to your house might not be such a good idea, unless you’d want to contract the novel coronavirus, of course.

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3 thoughts on “You’re Most Likely to Contract COVID From These 4 Places, According to Specialists”

  1. Have not been anyplace but the grocery store. Wear a mask wash hands. Staying at home with husband. Both of us retired. Am not sick.

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