You’re Most Likely to Contract COVID From These 4 Places, According to Specialists


Out-of-school socialization

Every state’s main purpose was to make schools a safe place for children to attend to, without putting them, their families, and the teachers at risk for catching the novel coronavirus. However, the amount of time children and teenagers spend together after hours and outside of school is really contributing to the spread of the virus. Most often, children forget about the safety measures during playdates or sleepovers, therefore, a surge in the number of cases is inevitable.

For instance, it’s worth mentioning the 20-person high school party in Rhode Island that took place earlier in November which contributed to five individuals contracting the virus, and hundreds of them going into quarantine, according to The Post.

And I completely understand, sometimes it can break your heart to keep your child apart from their friends, but you could also host a ‘virtual’ gathering on Zoom, where they can catch up and play together in a safe manner.




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3 thoughts on “You’re Most Likely to Contract COVID From These 4 Places, According to Specialists”

  1. Have not been anyplace but the grocery store. Wear a mask wash hands. Staying at home with husband. Both of us retired. Am not sick.

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