The Most Devastating Thing About COVID-19, According to Doctors

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‘At least half of the patients won’t make it.’

“Tomorrow will be my 10th day working straight,” the doctor said to her best friend in the text message. The number of cases is surging in the United States right now and we’re seeing more sick patients than we’ve seen in our whole career, and almost all of them are infected with the novel coronavirus, she added.

The doctor also mentioned that her mental and emotional state are highly affected by this situation, she feels overwhelmed and helpless.

“I expect at least half of them to die but probably not for an average of 1-3 weeks (which they will spend alone in the hospital),” she explained. “I have to call their families and update them daily. I sobbed on the phone with one mom who I have to update about her daughter who will likely die.”

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3 thoughts on “The Most Devastating Thing About COVID-19, According to Doctors”

  1. We now have a vaccine to fight the covid-19, thanks to TRUMP with making the vaccine #1 priority. Only 9 months to bring it on. The average time for the Dr.Fauci types in the government was 4+ years. Listening to the government types is a disaster in progress. Open up the economy and stop killing people. The next administration will be a medical and economic disaster.

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