The Most Devastating Thing About COVID-19, According to Doctors


‘The situation is devastating.’

She ended her text by making a desperate plea to the general public by asking them to be more careful and follow all the safety measures mentioned above. The healthcare worker mentioned that everyone is so devastated about their personal freedom being limited these days, but no one thinks about those who have to wake up daily and go to a workplace where they have to deal with hundreds of infected patients. No one thinks about their mental state, and the trauma caused by seeing such horrible things, she added. “This is devastating.”

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3 thoughts on “The Most Devastating Thing About COVID-19, According to Doctors”

  1. We now have a vaccine to fight the covid-19, thanks to TRUMP with making the vaccine #1 priority. Only 9 months to bring it on. The average time for the Dr.Fauci types in the government was 4+ years. Listening to the government types is a disaster in progress. Open up the economy and stop killing people. The next administration will be a medical and economic disaster.

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