People With One of These Blood Types Might Be Safe From COVID-19

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic started in the United States, you’ve probably read a lot about the things that put you at a higher risk for having a more severe infection, including being over a certain age, a little extra weight (or more), and even smoking. However, there is some good news for the Americans, and the whole world for that means.

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning the COVID-19 vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies Moderna and Pfizer announced that the vaccine is now 100 percent successful and efficient, and according to Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), vaccination is expected to begin in January.

Secondly, for a third of Americans, their blood type could prevent them from catching COVID-19, according to a recent large-scale study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. Read on to discover which blood types might actually be safe from COVID-19, and find out whether you fit in those categories or not!

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9 thoughts on “People With One of These Blood Types Might Be Safe From COVID-19”

  1. I am a 78 yr old white male with O Negative blood type. In June of 2020 my wife, 77 yrs old, contracted the virus and brought it home to me. She was sick with “flu-like” symptoms for about 3 days and then began to improve. She was a victim of a heart attack in May 2017, is about 25 lbs overweight, has arthritis over a large portion of her body but is active as much as can be expected. After I began to feel bad, I began to monitor my temperature. At no time during my sickness did my temperature get over 99.9 degrees. I lost my sense of taste and had a “funky” smell in my nose. The virus lasted over 3 weeks, I lost 45 lbs of weight, I weighed 200 lbs before, and my height is about 5′ 10″ 1/2. So I was not obese in any way. I also contracted pneumonia in my right lung and I really began to think I was going to be one of the ones that did not make it. But our family has a close friend who is a CCU doctor at a hospital in a near-by town, 14 miles away. With his help and expertise I finally pulled out of it. Five months later I still only have about 50% of my normal energy level. During my sickness I made 2 trips to the ER and neither time was I given any meds other than pills for anxiety. They did EKGs, X-rays, and blood work and said “your blood tests look ok, you can go home now”, after being there for 7 hours. Bottom line, I am thankful and blessed to be alive, the medical people play guessing games, and maybe I have “white privilege” with my O negative blood. I am so glad to still be able to hug my family and I appreciate the people who dedicate their lives to helping people.

    1. It is unfortunate he had to suffer so much, but the blessing of having pulled through is great! However, his reference to relating O negative blood to white privilege is inaccurate. O blood historically was first recorded in Africa, by Africans. Whites, evolved both in pigmentation and blood type from the African experience! TJBJ

    2. If you don’t take it, you need to take vitamin D3, Zinc and vitamin c every day. I have heard multiple sources say that people that contracted Covid had low vitamin D3 levels. It helps with your immune system as well as Zinc and vitamin c.

    1. Carol…. Blessed Answer! I have wrote it down and am going to print it in large lettering and hang it on my Frig.! Thank-You and God Bless You and Yours !!

  2. What is your point or what did I miss in this conversation? Your wife was only sick for 3 days and has co-morbidities. Is she the one with type o- negative blood type or are you, who are still suffering the after affects of Covid.

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