People Should Be Wary of This Vaccine Side Effect, According to FDA


The COVID-19 vaccine brought a lot of hope and optimism in American’s life, especially after the experts all over the country formally suggested on Dec. 10 that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should authorize Phizer as the most efficient vaccine out there. Even though the COVID-19 vaccine represents good news, the potential approval of Pfizer’s vaccine might actually be a major turning point in the pandemic, as some experts are worried about how Americans will react to its release. When Will the COVID-19 Vaccination Begin? Dr. Fauci Has the Answer!

Moreover, an FDA adviser is particularly worried that one of the side effects that we highly publicized might make the people too afraid to get vaccinated. The FDA adviser mentioned that he was very concerned about the first day of vaccinating the high-risk patients and healthcare workers in the U.K.

According to Paul Offit, MD, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, he’s mostly worried about people developing anaphylactic reactions, CNN reported.

Read on to discover why the FDA adviser is worried about the vaccine!

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5 thoughts on “People Should Be Wary of This Vaccine Side Effect, According to FDA”

    1. Based on your experience, people should get it.
      Based on the experience of those who’ve had bad reactions, they should not.
      I had Covid, I have antibodies, I don’t need to take that ‘vaccine’. And won’t.


    Of course, of all people they would be inserting Dr change- my- mind, his so called expertise,the dr of flip flopping information to suit his political affiliations,there is no way this guy can remain credible and there is no way I would believe the information regarding the vaccine,it is my body and I know it way better than any doctor or creators of a vaccine,they even list the ingredients that it contains which would be the same as a flu shot,many people I know have sever allergies to eggs.peanuts and for that reason opt out of yearly flu vaccines,unless a person has current health issues or is under the care of a doctor ,then consult with ones doctor as to their recommendations or if a person tests positive and other factors ,then the individual should decide and choose to vaccinate or not,they better not initiate government mandates or requirements for the American people,dominating over ones health and choices. It will not end well.


    I had a reaction to polyethylene glycol once when I had to drink it for a colonoscopy. My tongue swelled up. Should I take the vaccine? I am 68, have had covid way last winter before it was a pandemic. I am only on a BP med to slow heart rate but otherwise healthy. I have never had a surgery in my life.

  3. I’m one of those that had a very bad reaction to the first Pfizer shot. I was fine, had dinner and all and about 5 hrs. after the shot I just couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t get any air in my lungs at all. I went to the kitchen and got some table salt (I use this for asthma control) and poured a lot in my mouth. Finally I got to breathe some. Then I used my breathing machine with saline which finally cleared up my airway totally. I don’t know if I should ever get a booster shot. Will havee to talk to my dr. about that!!! It was scary but I never would have made it to the hospital in time!!! Just plain salt has a natural anti-histimine in it and works for me!!! (I can’t take any drugs).

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