Bizarre Conspiracy Theories: From Megan Markle to Aliens And 5G

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Prince Charles is a vampire

Another crazy conspiracy theory, however, many people do believe it and even offer some facts.
If you take a look at Prince Charles’ genealogy records, you can see that he’s believed to descend from Vlad the Impaler, or otherwise knows as Dracula. Prince Charles’ lineage goes back to Queen Mary (his great grandmother), her husband George V, to Vlad IV, who was the half-brother of Vlad the Impaler.

Prince Charles appeared in a promotional video for the Romanian National Tourist Office, where he joked about ‘Transilvania being in his blood’. Additionally, Prince Charles even received the honorific title of ‘Prince of Transylvania’ since he’s connected to the region, and also promoted tourism there.

Since then, a lot of conspiracy theorists have accused Prince Charles of being a vampire, since, of course, he’s linked to Vlad the Impaler. There are people who claim that Charles is not as innocent, and he might have more in common with Dracula than just blood.

Also, Prince Charles is known to suffer from Porphyria, a disease very common among royals, that makes their skin sensitive to light. You can only imagine that this condition sparked even more controversy about the royal family’s connection to Dracula.

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