Bizarre Conspiracy Theories: From Megan Markle to Aliens And 5G


Moon landing

Probably one of the most famous conspiracy theories out there is that the 1969 Moon landing was fake. What’s very interesting is that even if it happened a few decades ago, Americans still talk about this topic, and some even believe it’s all fake.

Why there were no stars, many people asked? Apparently, while there are stars in space, they couldn’t be seen in the footage, which made people assume it was all fake. While some people believe the stars are impossible to be captured without advanced camera techniques, others believe it is all a hoax.

Some people are skeptical about the flag. To be more precise, the flag appeared to flow in the wind, while there’s no wind on the Moon. While some people believe it’s all about how the flag was set up, while others are convinced there’s no way in which the flag can flow in the wind. Those people are also sure that the 1969 Moon landing was in fact fake.

And let’s not forget about the direction of the shadows. Some are sure that the shadows are being pointed in the wrong direction in the footage, leading to the idea that everything was fake. But even though there’s enough evidence that the moon landing was as real as possible, and the astronomers brought back rocks from the surface of the moon, a lot of people still believe it was a hoax.

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