Bizarre Conspiracy Theories: From Megan Markle to Aliens And 5G

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Princess Diana was assassinated

The British Royal family was always in the public eye, leading to a lot of discussions about their lives, including Princess Diana, which many people believe was assassinated. Diana died in a car accident in 1997, but most people would tell you otherwise.

After numerous investigations, experts have all agreed that Diana’s tragic accident that led to her death was caused by her driver’s negligence, Henri Paul, who had been drinking. But even though evidence indicates that it was indeed an accident, some conspiracy theorists still believe Diana was murdered by the British state.

Diana was not alone in the car, her partner, Dodi Fayed was also in the car with her when the accident happened, and he also lost his life. Dodi’s father, Mohamed al-Fayed, strongly believes the two were assassinated by the British state, just because they didn’t want to risk the possibility that the mother of the future king to also have a Muslim.

Believe it or not, this theory was so convincing back then, that the Met Police was forced to continue investigating Diana’s death, which took several years and cost millions of pounds. Even so, they did not find any evidence of Princess Diana’s assassination.

It’s interesting that many people still believed that Princess Diana was murdered, even after the investigation showed otherwise. A 2013 YouGov poll has shown that 38 percent of British people still believe she was murdered.

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