9 Ways Social Media Can Destroy Your Business

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Poor grammar and bad taste

Always double-check your posts for spelling and grammar errors before you launch them online. If you have too many errors, it shows that you are not professional. If audiences see that you don’t care enough to even proofread your own content, they might mock you. Avoid that at all costs.

Furthermore, sometimes emotions or strong opinions can lead you to abandon courtesy, but remember that you’re crafting the public image of your company. Crude jokes and offensive statements aren’t what people want when they do business.

Sometimes this happens unintentionally. For instance, DiGiorno began using the hashtag “#WhyIStayed YouHadPizza.”, not realizing that “#WhyIStayed” originated with football star Ray Rice’s wife after the footage of Rice punching her went viral. In another epic fail, American Apparel posted a fireworks photo that was actually the 1986 explosion of the Challenger space shuttle. Both companies could only apologize and confess ignorance. Don’t let that happen to you, so be careful.

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