10 Mind Blowing Facts About The Human Body

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Our bodies are a machine, everyday inside us hundreds of systems work in a perfectly balanced way in order to help us live our lives.

The human body is an unexplored and mysterious territory, after decades of research and significant scientific discoveries, we are still a long way from uncovering everything about what happens in our bodies.

Here are some lesser known facts which will have you truly surprised, we know we are:

1. Every hour our body sheds 600,000 particles of skin

Yes, that’s true, it’s crazy isn’t it? That means more than 1 pound each year. Just when we thought our pet was the only one who left a mess behind.

Can you imagine how many pounds of skin we are losing our whole life?

2. Babies have more bones than adults do

That sounds hard to believe doesn’t it? When we are born we have 350 bones and in time some of them fuse.

By the time we reach our adulthood we end up with 206 bones.

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