10 Mind Blowing Facts About The Human Body

Photo by cristi180884 from shutterstock.com

3. Some have the ability of hearing their eyeballs moving 

In reality this is a syndrome which causes every sound from inside of you to be amplified. The name of this affection is canal dehiscence syndrome and it can be very disturbing for a person to suffer from it.

4. Our strongest muscle in the body is the jaw

If you thought that those many years spent exercising your biceps would make them the strongest you’re gonna be disappointed to learn that the jaw is the strongest muscle in our bodies.

All of those years of hard work went for nothing!

5. Our whole life we process more than 150,000 pounds of food

That’s a LOT of food, isn’t it?

6. Every tongue has a unique print

Some experts even suggested to use this as an alternative identification method for fingerprints.

Imagine sticking out your tongue for verification, it would be HILLARIOUS!

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