Unusual Pets of the White House

Image By Alexas Fotos From Pexels

6. Mice

We can remember Andrew Johnson as the first president to have been impeached, but you could also remember him from his unusual pet affinity. Officially, he did not have any pet with him at the White House, but he did make a habit out of feeding the mice that he found in his rooms.

You would not think that such a prestigious and iconic American building would have had a problem with rats, but such was the case in the 1860s. But can we really call it a problem when they were so cute, even the president decided to let them live and keep them around?

5. Opossums

Yes, you read that one right. Two opossums lived in the White House with President Benjamin Harrison, besides his other pets. However, these two were the most unusual.

What is even more impressive are their names. In agreement with the Republican Party’s platform of 1892, the two possums were named Mr.Reciprocity and Mr.Protection. Truly part of the family!

4. Raccoon

Continuing down the path of animals that are generally considered pests, we have the first(and only) presidential raccoon. Calvin Coolidge was a big animal lover, amassing an impressive number of unusual animals on the ground of the White House, yet the most impressive domesticated one was Rebecca, the raccoon.

His wife, Grace Coolidge, could be seen with the animal, occasionally walking it around on a leash. The raccoon even had the privilege of being allowed the roam the hallways!

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