6 Secret Societies You’ve Never Heard Of

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We all heard about the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and other secret societies that are rumored to exist and pull the strings behind closed doors. They are generally made up of highly influential and rich people and they have been the center of attention for a long time. Be it in a movie or TV series, or on social media platforms, we all heard of at least one. But what if we told you some are not as secret as they appear to be?

For centuries, there have been secret societies that have nothing to do with world influence or domination, that just exist under everyone’s noses. Some are more secret than others and some follow some rules or doctrines that are pretty hard to believe, but they all have been real or they even continue to exist today. They may be called secret, but not because they are not known of, but because little is known of the ones that still operate today. And some are way more mundane than fiction lets us believe.

Did you hear about these secret societies before?

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