6 Foods You Will NOT Believe Are Named After People

Image By Brent Hofacker From Shutterstock

If you think about it, all of the names of the things around us have been given by other people. The only reason we call the phone like such is that someone decided to call it like that and it got popularized. Now, what if we told you it’s the same for some foods as well?

From dishes that got the name of their investors, to produce that got the name of the people who discovered and cultivated it, foods follow the same pattern as any other new item that comes into the world and needs a name for people to be able to recognize it easily. Sure, it happened a long time ago and that’s probably why we do not know who were the people after whom these foods are named. After this list, we can guarantee you can win trivia if such a question comes up.

Did you know the following foods were named after a person?

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