6 Foods You Will NOT Believe Are Named After People

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1. Sandwich

It is surprising, right? But not so much. It is not that someone invented the sandwich as we knew it today, as meat between slices of bread was eaten since the dawn of time (or since bread was invented). But the name has been coined around 1762, after a guy named John Montagu. He was the 4th Earl of Sandwich and his name became the namesake of the sandwich due to the fact that he often served the meal when entertaining guests. It was easy to play a game of cards and eat at the same time when not having to deal with cutlery.

2. Caesar Salad

When you saw this one you probably thought of Julius Caesar. However, you’d be wrong! The popular salad does not take its name from the powerful Roman Emperor, but rather from the chef who made the dish in 1924. His name was Caesar Cardini and he immigrated to the states after World War 1.

There are a lot of people who claim to have first made the salad, including family members, business partners, and a sous-chef who claimed it was his mother’s recipe, but the man is the one whose name remained immortalized in history for the dish and as the person who first made it.

3. Hass Avocado

This particular type of avocado was discovered by accident. A postal worker in California bought a few Lyon avocado trees for his garden, then his children saw that the fruits produced looked different than the rest, so in 1935 the worker planted them to see what would happen.

What was his name? You guessed it. Rudolph Hass has accidentally stumbled upon a variant of the Lyon avocado and now his discovery makes up 75% of the avocados grown in the U.S.

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