6 Outrageous New Years Resolutions That You Will DEFINITELY Not Keep

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Let’s be honest, how many of our close friends and family members did we hear make New Year resolutions and then saw them not keep any of them? Too many to be counted truly. It happens every year without a doubt that people (ourselves included sometimes, there is no shame in admitting that) make a ton of resolutions, swearing to high heavens that they will keep them this year, and most of them end up forgotten by the time February rolls around.  But why is that?

It is normal for us to desire to make a change in our lives, like a promise to ourselves that we intend to keep, for our well-being or just to check off a task on a bucket list. Yet, some people make such outrageous claims that it is impossible to stick to them. Or it is the fifth year in a row you have added something to the list and frankly, even you know why you did not stick to it. Sometimes we think it is not really that the resolution is so blown out of proportion or that it is undoable, but that people do not realize that they did not think it through well enough: did you ever think about how you would achieve those resolutions?

We’ve gathered some of the most overused and outrageous New Year resolutions that we know you will not end up keeping. And maybe, we can give you a little advice on how to go around it, maybe this year(finally) it will happen.

Let us know if you’ve had the ones we chose on your own list and if you plan to keep them!

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