6 Craziest Things People Found In The Trash

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1. Cartoons

You may think that these do not sound like such a big thing right? But as the last years have shown us, first editions and drafts are very valuable and they can sometimes go for more money than you could ever imagine. First edition comics depending on the issue can go for thousands of dollars, so who knows how much some of the first drafts of iconic cartoons go for.

Imagine the surprise of these people working in trash disposals in Hollywood when they found animation cells in the dumpster. Animation cells are transparent sheets that animators draw on for the production process of cartoons, so they are like original artworks. These people found some with Woody Woodpecker and Buzz Buzzard! We doubt the youngsters can remember who they are, but back then they were iconic and it would be amazing to have an original drawing.

We wonder whether they sold them or kept them as keepsakes for the fond memories.

2. Ashes

Your first thought was probably of the ashes that are left behind after a successful campfire or after a barbeque session. But no, we actually mean the ashes of a deceased person. Together with the plastic tub in which the funeral home gives the ashes to the grieving family after the reception.

It must have been really shocking for the poor person who found that. Yet, the story does not end here! The firm the person worked at called the family who was supposed to have the ashes, as their information was on the side of the tub. Yet, they said that they were the ones that threw the ashes away in the first place!

Someone really did not like grandma.

3. A camper van

Yes, you read that right. A camper van. And no, we do not mean that someone found it broken into pieces and thrown out (imagine just how full and weird that dumpster would look like), but they actually just threw the whole camper, as a one piece, out. Who knows how many people were needed to put the camper on top of the dumpster, but they left it balancing on top of it. Effectively ‘throwing’ it out.

You can imagine that the people who worked for the dumpster company in Wales refused to take the whole camper with them. If anything, how could they have taken it anyway? It would not have fit in the truck.

Imagine the look on those people’s faces when the next day they found the camper van in the same place. All that work to put in on top of the dumpster too…

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