6 Dumbest Inventions That Made People Millionaires

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With all the new inventions that came in the last few years and how fast technology advances, it is sometimes hard to keep track of everything. It seems like every year scientists have tried to one up each other and invent more and more innovative and clever devices, that can help anyone solve their problems and slowly integrate everyday life so that they can become a staple. Yet, not all inventions are as clever, despite being something all of us saw every day!

Yes, creative and innovative products are a thing of the present, yet they do not always make a millionaire. Back in the day, you could “invent” something, market it really well and then you could become a millionaire out of the blue. You wouldn’t need a true spark of genius to make a ton of money and some of these products can even be categorized as silly, crazy, and even dumb!  Yet, they prove one of the most important lessons an entrepreneur needs to know: it is not always innovation that can help you reach high places, but rather just a very good idea presented really well, and sometimes just some sheer dumb luck attached to something really simple!

Here we have compiled a list of some of the world’s dumbest inventions (if we can even call them that) that made a millionaire out of seemingly thin air! Let us know if you remember these or if you still have some of these products laying around, forgotten in your garage!

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