6 People From History Who Just Refused To Die

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There are many people that have remained in history for an amazing thing they have done or the atrocities they have committed. But there are also people that have become part of history due to the dumb things they have done, or, in our case, due to the fact that they were really hard to kill. From kings that have survived countless assassination attempts to outlaws that gave the police a truly hard time, there are countless people who have escaped death’s throes multiple times or just refused to give up and die.

There is something spectacular when you think about it: to have someone (or multiple people) after a person and then for them to not only escape every single time but also to make it hard for attackers to achieve their goal. Some people die from the most idiotic reasons, like tripping on their own legs and hitting their head, and others can survive being stabbed and shot multiple times.

Some of these stories sound right out of a Die Hard movie, but they also show us that some of the movies we think are taken too far, where the protagonist is beat five ways to Sunday but can still stand up and fight (and win!) have a little bit of truth to them! We gathered some of the hardest to kill people on our list, but believe us, you do not want to miss their stories!

Let us know if you knew about them beforehand, or if any of them left a long lasting impression on you! One thing’s for sure, do NOT try these at home!

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