6 Funniest Excuses People Used To Get Away From Responsibilities

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We all have those days when we feel like we want to do anything and everything but work. But we power through it and actually manage to get some stuff done, or we do the responsible thing and call in at work to get a free day. Yet, these people decided to do the least responsible thing, and invent reasons for which they cannot make it to work or other events!

Sure, we all called in sick for one reason or another, when we were not actually sick, but some people do not want to use their sick days or vacation days. They want to just get a free day, courtesy of their bosses. Or that dinner plan with aunt Hellen? They do not feel like going anymore. We have gathered some of the funniest excuses people have used in order to get out of their responsibilities. Someone forgot to tell them that not every bold lie you tell is actually feasible! Or they truly didn’t care and said the first thing that came to their mind, or they were just honest.

Let us know which one of these made you chuckle! Or if you’ve heard of any other outrageous lies! Just do not get any ideas from these, we guarantee they will not work.

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