10 Amazing Things Only ’70s Homes Used to Have

Image By Dietrich Leppert From Shutterstock

Lava Lamps

Is there anything more iconic than a lava lamp? Theoretically, they became really popular in the 1960s, but they continued to ride the wave all through the ’70s as well! And with how cool and hypnotic the lava lamps were, I cannot argue that they were one of the coolest things you could have in your room as a teenager in the ’70s.

Shag Carpeting

This one is for the history books, with just how obsessed everyone was with this type of carpeting. And if I had to name one interior design trend that just took over like wildfire, it would be shag carpeting. Stretching from one wall to another, more often than not in vibrant colors, they were impossible to miss.

Floating Staircases

My favorite show back then was definitely The Brady Bunch (an odd choice, I know). And one set piece that always caught my eye was the floating staircase, which was the focal point. After all, the picture with them all in it is iconic. And, as amazing as they looked, and despite Mr. Brady being an architect, we can’t deny that they looked a little bit too dangerous when you had so many kids around.

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