Why Do We Cry When Looking At Onions?


This is down to a unique chemical reaction. It starts underground, as a growing onion will absorb sulphur from the earth, causing molecules known as sulphoxides to form. When you cut into an onion, you’re breaking into its cells, which release certain enzymes. These enzymes react with the sulphoxides, converting them into sulphonic acids.

This combination results in the release of a vapour that will irritate your eyes. To flush out the irritation, nerve endings in your cornea will inform your brain of the aggravation, which will instruct the lachrymal glands above your eyelids that can regulate the release of tears, to flush it out by making you cry.



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  1. clever, this is really an art-form, waiting just for the right shot, with correct lighting and shutter speed.

    photographer I imagine had many hours of waiting and watching

  2. The mouse flying in mid-air is the best! I love it, perfect timing or what? I don’t any of these being staged, just to cool and good to be true, but really are!!!