What Causes The Holes In The Ozone Layer?

Every spring over Antarctica, and like refrigerants and the propellant in to a lesser extent in the Arctic, the aerosol cans. When released into the ozone layer thins so that ‘holes’ appear, atmosphere these CFCs accumulate in While a normal oxygen molecule the stratosphere. Cold temperatures (O2) consists of two oxygen atoms, over Antarctica cause the formation of ozone (O3) has three.

Most of the ozone polar vortices, which create high-in the stratosphere is created when altitude ice clouds. When the Sun’s light powerful solar photons break the bonds hits these clouds, the CFCs convert into inside O2 molecules, freeing individual a highly reactive form of chlorine that oxygen atoms (O), which can then destroys ozone.

While the holes-diminish in size during the warmer months, every of ozone are chlorofluorocarbons spring the ozone layer in both the (CFCs), which are banned in many Antarctic and Arctic regions shrinks, countries. These organic carbon, CFC pollutants have been greatly fluorine and chlorine compounds are reduced, but it will take a long time for produced by man-made substances the CFCs to completely deteriorate.