Mindblowing Science Experiments You Can Do Yourself

EQUIPMENT: Saucepan, Food colouring, Spatula, Stove, Water, Glycerine (from a pharmacy), Vinegar, Tin foil.

  1. To start, take your saucepan and add four saucepan and add four tablespoon of starch. Add a teaspoon of vinegar and glycerine to the mix and stir vigorously until it is completely mixed together.
  1. Take the saucepan and place it on the stove on a low heat. Stir the mixture continuously as it warms up. As the mixture heats it will transform from a murky liquid into a clear gel. When the transition is complete, the gel should be transparent.
  1. When the gel turns clear and begins to bubble, mix in your food colouring. Take the pan off the stove and spread the gel across a sheet of tin foil into any shape. Make it as thin a spread as possible. Leave the tin foil in a safe place for 24 hours. If the experiment has been conducted properly, after this time the gel will have hardened into a sheet of homemade plastic.