8 Most Jaw Dropping Scientific Discoveries of 2017

Scientists at the Salk Institute revealed they’re one step closer to growing human organs inside of pigs. They were able to grow human cells inside of pig embryos for the first time, which could help with studying diseases, drug development, and even human organ donation.

Researchers at MIT and Berkely created a device that can pull water out of thin air. The solar-powered device was able to suck out three quarts of water in 12 hours from an area with only 20-30% humidity. This could be a major breakthrough for underdeveloped areas that need access to clean water.

Scientists discovered seven Earth-sized planets in the constellation of Aquarius that could be habitable to life. Researchers hope to know within a decade whether or not there’s life there. If there is, perhaps one day we’ll be the ones saying “we come in peace!”.